Jan Kus & The Slavo Rican Assembly @ NuBlu 151

Jan Kus & The Slavo Rican Assembly @ NuBlu 151

Nublu (map)

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Join Jan Kus & The Slavo Rican Assembly as they perform one last time this year - December 19th. 9pm, at NuBlu NYC!

Web: www.jankusmusic.com/newproject
Tickets: https://www.ticketfly.com/event/1606957-jan-kus-slavo-rican-new-york/
FB link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1067547783399014/

Following the critical acclaim of his debut album as a leader, Faith, the eclectic NY-based saxophonist Jan Kus extends his group further,  and heads into the direction he has been taking naturally for the last few years. 
His new project, Jan Kus & The Slavo Rican Assembly, continues where the Jan Kus Quartet left off, with its main focus being the exploration of the similarities and differences between the music of the Puerto Rican (and generally, Caribbean), and Slavic and Balkan cultures, merging them into a cohesive, brand-new sound that is unique in the current music market place, yet representative of the ever evolving landscape audiences are looking for, all rooted in the common-ground language of jazz. 

The band members (3 Slovenians and 3 Puerto Ricans, plus a Serbian vocalist) combine musical traditions from the Balkans and Slavic folk songs with the musical traditions of the Caribbean, synthesizing them seamlessly in a never-before-heard, attractive, heartfelt and powerful rhythmical mix! Thus far, the Slavo Rican Assembly has performed with great success at various venues in New York City, including Carnegie Hall, Le Frak Concert Hall, and The Louis Armstrong House Museum, among others.

Band Lineup:
Jan Kus - saxophones
Aleksandra Denda - vocals
Gabriel Vicéns - guitar
Gabriel Chakarji - piano, keyboards
Dan Martínez - double bass, electric bass
Victor Pablo - percussion
Jean John - drums, drum pad